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your hands are in my hair but my heart is in your teeth

Howdy. Sorry for the long pause there guys. Being in Arizona, lying in the sun day after day, I just had no interest to spend time inside hunched over the computer! :0)

I am home now and busy busy, as usual. Gearing up for some fun festivities in the coming months. I've got a gigantic show here in April, and shows in Minneapolis, Vegas, and LA in May. Yipee! So while things may seem slow, they're actually moving along nicely. I'll keep you updated as things happen.

Currently I'm hanging out here in KC, making some extra dough, what not. I believe I'll be taking a trip to LA around the end of April, but until then, I'll be here working away. It's so wonderful to see so many new people over at the message board...I can't keep up anymore! And I've been getting mounds of e-mail lately, with not much time to I apologize if you sent me an e-mail in 1876 and haven't gotten a reply yet. I'm not ignoring you, just really busy. Lol.

Hope all is well in the world! Love you muchly. JH
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