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i'd just like to say


She directed me to a place overflowing with surveys. Ahaha. I'm in heaven.

full name: jessica leigh harp
age: 20
sign: aquarius (let's talk for a minute about how i am a TRUE aquarius, and my horoscopes are always right. it's freaky)
height: 5'4"
shoe size: 9
eyes: blue
hair: blonde
righty or lefty: righty

---on guys you prefer---

long or short hair: usually a bit longer
6 pac or muscular arms: i don't care about muscles
boxers or briefs: boxer briefs? ahaha
tall or short: taller than me, that's all that really matters
hair color: blonde or brown
eye color: blue
weakness: musicians
thing you notice first: eyes
more important: personality or looks? both. of course, i've dated guys who i thought were beautiful, but others thought weren't that attractive. i guess it's different strokes for different folks, right? lol
hat or visor or none: depends on the guy
good or bad guy: i like genuinely good guys with a rebellious side
sporty or preppy: neither.
piercings? sure, why not
tan or fair? some color is nice
rugged or into sports: rugged
shaved or scruffy: either
shy or outgoing: outgoing
spontaneous or planned out: both
beaters(tank tops) good or bad: again, depends on the guy. heh
biggest turn on: nice hands.
something you dont understand about guys: their frequent inability to share deep feelings
something you want guys to know: it's ok to be sensitive. lol

chocolate or white milk: mmm chocolate
favorite ice cream: peanut butter chocolate
root beer or dr. pepper: dr. pepper
sunshine or rain: rain
warm or cold: warm
day or night: night
sunset or sunrise: sunset
cd or radio: cd
frosting or sprinkles: frosting
cake or pie: cake
diamonds or pearls: diamonds are a girl's best friend? lol
silver or gold: silver
heath ledger or josh hartnett: ahhhhhhhh HARTNETT
do u sleep with a stuffed animal? yes, ma'am
do you have any piercings? sure do
tattoos? yup
water or snow: water
lake or ocean: both. i looooove water
do you keep up with your emails? (YOU SHOULD!) ummm, i try!

-------HAVE YOU EVER-------

gone skinny dipping: yup
bungi jumped: nope
gone sky diving: nope
committed a crime: nope
drank alcohol: yup
broken anything: yup
been in the hospital over night: yup
had braces: yup
had plastic surgery: yes. didn't you notice how large my breasts are? LOL. j/k
experienced love at first sight? nope
set anything on fire: um yeah. wood. lol
laughed so hard that what u were drinking spewed out your nose? oh yes. milk. ick.


color: purple
day: friday
season: summer and fall. but i love spring too. lol. everything but winter
thing to do on a date: i really don't like "dates" that much. i like just being with someone i care about, and going where the wind takes us
way to kiss: softly
thing to do during the summer/winter: in the summer, roam around outside barefoot. in the winter...stay inside and wish it was warm. lol


one or 2 kleenex when u blow your nose: i think i used an entire box in the last 24 hours. lol
do u talk in your sleep: probably
sleep walk? no
dance in front of the mirror? no. i just stare in horror. lol
what song is stuck in your head right now: COMFORTABLE. john mayer, die. lol j/k
what time is it: 1:18 am
who's the best singer out of all of your friends: michelle. lol
do you like fish? not really
ever eaten dirt? um, NO
who do you tell your dreams to? my close friends
who's your best friend? i've got a couple
your crush: i'll never tell
how long have you liked that person? not long enough.
do you ever do spur-of-the-moment stupid things? all the time
ever bought something from victorias secret? i *heart* victoria's secret
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