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and fate has lead you through it

Hello all. How goes it? I just woke up from a splendid nap. I have a tummy ache today, icky. There are about 5464233 things I should be doing, but nothing that I want to do. So, tonight is going to be pretty low key. I pulled out some Sarah McLachlan today, and am currently remembering why I love her so. For this, right here, if nothing else:

a glowing ember, burning hot, burning slow
deep within i'm shaken by the violence of existing for only you
i know i can't be with you
i do what i have to do

i have the sense to recognize
that i don't know how to let you go

Well, I mean, I love her for a million reasons. This one just strikes a chord today. Anywho. My dear Lyssa sent me a survey, so here ya go. It's relatively short, I promise.

01. name? Jessica
02. d.o.b.? 2-3-82
03. location? Missouri
04. religion? Christian
05. occupation? professional heartbreaker. ahaha, what? where did that come from?

01. hair? boring. i'm bored. i'm doing something new.
02. eyes? blue. ooo, i'm getting new contacts and glasses on monday. yipee!
03. height? 5'4

01. wearing? jeans and a tee and flip flops. mmm, flip flops
02. listening to? sarah
03. thinking of? him. and my tummy ache.
04. feeling? happy and sad.

01. bought? taco bell
02. did? changed the water in my fishbowl. yes, he's still alive. can't really believe it.
03. ate & drank? diet dr. pepper and peanut butter & jelly
04. read? e-mail
05. watched on tv? ahaha. sadie and i watched stand up comedy all night last night. ahahah oh man. my face still hurts.

01. kill? nobody
02. shag? ahaha.
03. slap? myself
04. hear from? i don't like these questions. lol
05. get really wasted with? well let's see. temple? ahaha. yes, temple.
06. tickle? i don't friggin know.
07. look like? no one. i don't want to look like anyone.
08. be like? myself.
09. avoid? the boogie monster

Ok. I'm going to do something productive now. I shall return. Peace. JH
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