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it always comes around back to you.

Howdy ladies and gents. I do apologize for my lack of internet presence. I had a crazy week, ending with a fantastic show. We had a great turn out, and I was pleased with the performace, despite still being sick. Thanks Corinne for coming out, and for your kind words on the MB. I'm so glad you made it. :0)

On the career front, the wheels are still turning. Not much that I'm able to comment on, but I can assure you all is going well, and I have a good feeling that 2002 is going to be a magical year for me. Whether it be stepping further into the business, or just growing as a musician, I'm pleased with how things are going so far, and am optimistic things will stay on the right track. Whoa, I sound like a horoscope. I apologize. I've been reading up on the stars lately. Have I ever mentioned I'm an astrology nut, and that my forecasts are almost always right? It's kind of creepy actually. Heh.

On the personal front, I'm feeling ok. I'm at the tail end of my cold, so I'm lots better, but still not healthy. I just need a few more days of sleeping in, which I plan on getting. I've been kind of mopey all week, as I've managed to find myself in the most difficult "romantic" situation I've ever experienced. At least I'm making good use of it and writing new songs like crazy. I'd probably not have commented on that at all, but a journal is for recording thoughts, and he has been consuming most of mine lately. So, sorry. I'll try to refrain from emotional babble as the story unfolds.

Hope all is dandy. Will check in again soon. JH
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