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hold me now, i'm six feet from the edge

Hola. Well kids, in just a few days I am headed out on quite a trip...literally and metaphorically. As I look back at the last year of my life, and look into the immediate future, I am so proud of how things have gone, and how they are shaping up to go.

Now, more than ever, is when I need your prayers, good vibes, and support. I wish I could fly you all out to be with me for the next two weeks...unfortuantely my credit card DOES have a limit. :0) So, I'll just be pretending you're all there.

My love of music consumes me right now - and I am so happy this is the route I have chosen for my life. I know that whatever happens in the years to come, I will always first and foremost be a musician. It is what pours through my veins.

Hope you all are ready for summer sun and relaxtion. Hug a friend, plant a tree, revel in freedom and happiness. May we all at some point realize how truly blessed we are. Peace. JH

PS. I'll try to check in when I can, I'll be away for awhile.
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