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so i had the coolest day

I woke up this morning, so tired and just wanting to go back to sleep. I flip on the radio and hear something about front row Alanis tickets. I'm like, hi, I would be in heaven if I had those. But I never win anything from the radio, so nice try. Then I hear more about the contest. Those in the area who knew someone famous were to have the celeb call in and the person getting the biggest celeb to call won. I was like holy hell, I might have a chance.

The people calling in were calling with local "celebs". I was like, ha, got you beat. So I made the decision to call poor Chelle at 5:30 am her time. Luckily, she is the coolest friend in the world, and was actually completely humored by the whole situation. So we schemed, we giggled, and we called.


I am so excited I could pee my pants. But I won't. Lol. So anyway, my day was really cool. And the station loved me because I got Chelleness to call, and they like want me to send a cd of mine to them. Lol. I scored. So yeah. Happy girl right here. I'm tired so I'm going to sleep all day tomorrow to kill all chances of getting sick again. Yay. That's all for now. Peace. JH
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