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no one knows except for both of us

Wow. I just found the most beautiful live version of "Hands Clean." It's slower, and just really intimate, and it got to me a lot more than the thousands of times I've heard it on the radio. I mean, it actually brought tears. Of course, I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that I'm overemotional right now. Lol. I guess it just hit home. Hmm, now that could start rumers. No, I'm not dating an associate who is 20 years my senior. Heh. But it still holds a lot of truth. And I love Alanis once again. Must get the album, if I ever am not dirt poor. Don't see that happening soon though.

Things are kind of boring right now, but I keep telling myself to enjoy the boredom, because I'll probably miss it one day. I am looking forward to Mayer in Kansas in two weeks. It's sold out, but if luck is on my side, I'll get to go. :0) Note to self: must steer clear of Matt the crazy guitarist. *giggle*

Um, I think I'll go do useful things now. Like, drop in at the MB, because I'm lost with what's going on. Did I mention I am a songwriting machine these days? I seriously have way more than enough material for a new full album. It's mad. I want to share with you all so bad. Anyhow. Hope all is well. JH
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